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New government proposals are being let every day. How much would it be worth to you to win a contract for $50,000?, $100,000?, $1,000,000?or greater? HSA has a proven winning proposal process. The biggest companies with the biggest government contracts use Hy Silver's proposal process to win literally billions of dollars of contracts every year! The same process can now be available to you!

Sign up today and learn: 

  • Finding The Opportunities You Need To Be Successful
  • Using Decision Gates To Focus On The Right Opportunities
  • Strategies That Really Impact The Evaluation
  • Tricks of Intelligence Gathering; How The Big Companies Do It
  • How to Get on a Winning Team
  • How to Get Your Technical Expert to Sell Your Product in Your Proposal
  • Keyword Evaluators Want to See
  • How to Baseline the Lowest Prices



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Seminar dates occasionally change. Please call for confirmation
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