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An 85% Win Record on over 2,200 proposals!

H. Silver and Associates is the largest and most prestigious consulting company specializing in new-business acquisition and proposal preparation in the U.S. Nineteen of the top 20 U.S. contractors, 10 of the top 20 Canadian firms, and 15 of the top 30 European firms utilize its services to directly consult on major competitive procurements, to train proposal teams, and to improve their new business performance. HSA has been involved in over 2,200 competitions worldwide - posting a verifiable win rate for its clients of 85%.

At present the firm is involved in major procurements in the U.S. including: two spacecraft programs, three computer programs, two aircraft/UAV programs, two missile programs, three telecommunications programs, three information warfare programs, one nuclear program, four technical support programs, and a number of construction, environmental control, anti-terrorism and drug interdiction programs.

Requests for HSA's services continue to increase. The company has grown proportionately, now numbering 200 professionals located in Los Angeles.

Current Seminars
Business Development and Proposal Preparation

HSA has the proven winning proposal process! The biggest companies with the biggest contracts use Hy Silver's proposal process to win!

  • Strategies That Really Impact The Evaluation
  • Keywords Evaluators Want to See
  • How to Baseline the Lowest Prices 



Hy Silver's Hands-On Proposal Workshop

HSA's World Renown three-day proposal workshop gives attendees the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to prepare winning proposals. 

  • Train Using Actual Proposals! 
  • Train your people with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to prepare winning proposals!
  • How Your Customers Evaluate Your Proposals and Select the Winner




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